Known For Poetic Landscapes

Calming. Transcendent. Worthy of a nice long sit and slow, deep breath. 

I’ve always been drawn to the beautiful and quiet expressions found in nature. This, too, is a gentle place in which you may rest. The responses evoked are unique and contemplative. Artwork that feels at home anywhere.


Landscape oil painting artist with

A Process That Transcends

Horses nearby, two dogs sunbathing where the floor catches the light. Birds singing outside the windows. Some days, the music is loud; others it’s quiet. Hundreds of brushes. Easels standing tall. As the painting begins, it becomes a moving meditation. The hours suddenly vanish, and I am filled with gratitude.

Grateful to be in my studio, grateful to have found peace in the silence.

Painting from my studios in Ohio and Arizona.

About Jane Mishkind

Landscape oil painting artist. Smiling Horse Studios owner. Equine Assisted Psychotherapist, PhD, and ATR.

I’ve always been the fish that swims in the opposite direction — best described as a seeker, and forever a student. I was a jeweler for many years and then went back to school. I received a Master's in Art Therapy (ATR) and a Doctorate in Holistic Health Counseling (PhD). Using art therapy to help children was incredibly rewarding; I assessed, diagnosed, and treated all through artwork.

While I currently spend most of my time painting what you see here, I am still connected to the field of Pediatric Art Therapy.

The Horses

Yes, I do have a horse that smiles. That’s Justice. There’s also Mitzi who is the Grand Dame of the ranch — a mini horse who happily greets visitors with her sweet-as-sugar hospitality.

More About Jane

Landscape oil painting artist

A seeker, but also a nester.

Member of the Sonoran Arts League.

A free spirit.

Like blackberries and black licorice.

Love antique jewelry.

Own a large collection of beautiful art books.

Honored To Know That My Paintings Are Loved By…

Animal lovers

The well-traveled

Interior designers & curators

Museum frequenters

The curious

Those from all walks of life.

As a landscape oil painting artist

My Intention Is Simple

Helping you find your own story in each piece.

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