Oil Paintings by Jane Mishkind

Artwork To Ponder

The sky is constant and steady, and yet, never the same. The reflections found in my work also bring a shifting perspective, adding something new and profound for you with every gaze —  holding space.

Sky Landscape Paintings

Original artwork by Jane Mishkind, shared as fine art reproductions for interior designers, hotel curators, and for your home.

Oil Paintings

About the artwork

This work is meant to be studied, to serve as a remedy for better living. Artwork that is soothing, and worth a long sit.

Original paintings

Oil paintings by artist — distinguished pieces sold directly by an Arizona-based creative.

Old world techniques

Created with the elegant techniques of the masters, this requires a solid knowledge of soft edges, control of the paint, and a grasp of the glazes.

Intended for contemplation

Sophisticated depictions that reveal something new with every glance. 

How to order

Please note that the collections are fine art reproductions of the original work.

Select your favorite

Submit your order form and identify the piece(s) you’d like to order, in addition to the sizes you prefer.


Confirm size and material

I’ll work with you directly (phone, email, or Zoom) to explain the reproduction process, and identify the best size for your piece(s) of choice.


Await the artwork

Once your payment has been made, you will receive an order confirmation. I will notify you via email that your artwork has been sent to production, and will share approximate shipping dates at this time.


For every piece ordered, a tree is planted.


Art for hotels, homes, interior design and the hospitality sector

What is this artwork recommended for?

This artwork is sold with the intention to inspire moments of reflection and pondering — whether that’s in a custom interior design project, in a restaurant, in a hotel, or in your office. I never tell the viewer what to see, or what’s “in a painting.” Instead, I’ll allow you to wander. It is whatever you need it to be. So, melt into the peace and see what it brings you. It isn’t always calming, it could be a storm, if you need to go there. All that matters is a gentle holding of space.

What is the difference between a reproduction and the original piece?

Original artwork is one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable, and is sold on a case-by-case (and rare) basis. The reproductions, however, allow you to tailor the piece — from the size to the material it’s printed on — to fully and beautifully fit into your home or space. And in full honesty, it’s a more sustainable practice as a small, single-artist studio.

How are the paintings reproduced?

I use the fine art standard of Giclee prints to create long-lasting replicas of my work that don't sacrifice quality. This process uses a state-of-the-art printer to reflect every detail of the original piece from the colors to the nuances of the brush strokes. While it is called a print, it is so much more than that with the size and materials under strict parameters to ensure that the original is captured in its execution.

Do you sell the original oil paintings?

By rare request, yes. Please inquire for information. Not available for all pieces.

Can I complete my order online?

At this time, orders are handled directly between the artist and the buyer to ensure that the piece of your choice can be reproduced to the highest quality.

How will we communicate?

Start with your online order form, and then look for an email from me with follow-up details and clarifications. You’re welcome to schedule a phone or Zoom call if you’d prefer that over email.

How do you take payment?

Once your size and materials are confirmed, I’ll send over an invoice with payment details. Credit card and Paypal payments are accepted.

Thank you for allowing me to share pieces of my work.
It is my sincerest hope that you found peace.

Painted To Evoke Personal Experiences Of Peace

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Artwork that grows forests - With every piece ordered, a tree is planted.